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Future-proof your products with our FHIR-native solutions, created by the initiators of FHIR

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Firely Server

Power your online portal, app or database with a superior turn-key FHIR Server icon

Share and collaborate with colleagues on FHIR model development on our HL7 FHIR development platform

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Firely .NET SDK

Save precious time with Firely’s open source FHIR Software Development Kit

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Compliant with
Interoperability Regulations

Firely helps companies achieve full compliance with local Interoperability Regulations

21st Century Cures Act Solution

21st Century Cures Act

Giving patients and their care givers secure access to electronic health information (EHI)

Interoperability and Patient Access Rule

CMS Interoperability Rule

Improving health information exchange for patients, health care providers, and payers

German Hospital Future Act (KHZG) Solution

ISiK and ISiP

Improving interoperability
between hospital informations systems

MedMij and VIPP Solutions

MedMij and VIPP

Increasing data exchange between care providers and patients, and between healthcare providers

Let’s talk FHIR

Training courses

Firely, initiator of FHIR, is deeply involved in the FHIR standardization effort. It’s products are used in a large number of projects. This allows us to focus our training courses on skills required in real world projects. 

  • Learn from highly-experienced experts
  • 50% hands-on and group-based exercises
  • Register for an upcoming course or schedule a corporate training course
  • Courses can be customized for your specific requirements
FHIR training courses

DevDays, the largest FHIR-only event

DevDays is organized by Firely in partnership with HL7 International. This anual event is the world largest. It’s where you can learn all about FHIR and hone your FHIR expertise.

There will be a plethora of content for both developers and non-coders, for FHIR starters and FHIR experts alike.

What exactly is FHIR?

At Firely, we live and breathe FHIR, because it’s transforming interoperability in healthcare. As
initiator, we talk about it every day. But what is FHIR, what does it do, and why exactly it’s so powerful? This article includes a quick overview of the technology, and explains basic concepts such as resources and profiling, and how extensions help keep things simple.

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