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Firely provides all the software, training and services you need to implement FHIR

FHIR Software training and services

Customized solutions for

21st Century Cures Act

Achieve stress-free compliance with our FHIR Server, FHIR .NET SDK and FHIR training courses

Interoperability and Patient Access Rule

Implement a Patient Access API or your FHIR API-based Provider Directory with Firely

FHIR Standards Development

Collaboratively develop, test, and publish the FHIR standards for your realm

We work for the world’s best Health Institutions

Key Products

Innovative software solutions for Health IT:

FHIR Data Modeling

FHIR Implementation

FHIR App Development

Discover the most comprehensive and complete set of FHIR tools,
built by the co-creators of FHIR


The official FHIR libraries for .NET

Give your team a running start with the official implementation of the HL7 FHIR standard in .NET. Rest assured it’s always 100% compliant.

Official FHIR API in .NET
FHIR server


Flexible and integratable FHIR Server

Power your online portal, mobile app or database with Firely’s superior, turn-key FHIR server.


Core tools to implement FHIR

Easily build, edit and share FHIR profiles with Forge and

FHIR Profiling Tools

Why Firely?

Unparalleled expertise

Firely’s products are built by the
co-creators of FHIR. We work closely
with HL7 and the FHIR community
to continuously improve the
FHIR standard.

Flexible software solutions

Our products are flexible and easily
integrated, so you can customize it all to your needs.

Fully FHIR compliant

Our tools are always compliant with
the FHIR specification. Expect frequent improvements on
our products.

In partnership with

HL7 FHIR logo
Vermonster, parter for FHIR app development
HL7 FHIR International
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Healex partner for fhir development

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Founding member of

Join the 3-day HL7 FHIR training program online

Enroll for the most comprehensive way to learn FHIR, with 50% of the program dedicated to hands-on exercises. Schedules accommodate both EU and US timezones.

FHIR Cheat sheet

Get your free copy of the FHIR Cheat Sheet

Tips and shortcuts you should know by heart, on one glorious page

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