I want to be a student at the FHIR Developer Days 2015

By Marten Smits – After last year’s edition of the FHIR Developer Days both Core Team members Grahame Grieve and Ewout Kramer blogged “I want to be a student at Heilbronn”. Why? Because Simone Heckmann teaches there.

From Ewout’s earlier blog:

“Simone uses FHIR to teach her students about interoperability and show them the caveats and real-life problems involved in building connected systems. […] And this is just the prelude to the final part of the teaching program: she then organizes a hackathon at the Hochschule where the students bring their pet projects they have been working on and test them against each other.”

This brought us to the idea of organizing a Student Track at the FHIR Developer Days 2015. We already have three universities joining us on November 18-20 in Amsterdam: Heilbronn University (Simone and her students), University of Amsterdam Medical Center (where I graduated) and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

The Student Track offers students with an interest in medical informatics an opportunity to not only learn about FHIR from the creators of the standard (a lecture by Grahame Grieve or Lloyd McKenzie!), but also get their hands dirty doing exercises and, maybe most important, build up an international network in health IT during the social event in the city of Amsterdam.

More about the Student Track can be found here. Students or teachers who want to apply, can send me an e-mail: We only invite teams backed-up by their universities. Registration for students is free of charge. We have limited capacity.

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  1. Hi Marten,

    A video of Simone Heckmanns work at Heilbronn can be found here: ; and for presentations by Barbara Franz and Oliver Kraus, representatives of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.


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