The FHIR is strong in these ones

Most of you who attended the HL7 Atlanta WGM or the HL7 FHIR DevDays in Amsterdam have taken the opportunity to get photographed in a Jedi setting: hold a real lightsaber and look as fierce as you can.

We are now selecting the best pictures and compiling them into the FHIR Calendar 2016, which will be available in January: 6 pictures from the Atlanta WGM and 6 pictures from the DevDays. Soon you will know whether you are part of the (2016) FHIR history!

By the way, if you missed your chance to be on the calender, we’ll be organizing a new edition of the FHIR Developer Days in Amsterdam on the 16-18th of November 2016!

Here’s a preview of the Firely team (formerly Furore Health Informatics), most of them working on FHIR community projects like our Profile editing tool Forge and the Profile registry Simplifier:


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