FHIR at Epic – Apps on top of the EHR

In a recent edition of the FHIR Interviews series I asked Janet Campbell, VP of Patient Engagement at Epic, how Epic customers respond to the growing opportunites in interoperability. Will the EHR change due to interoperability? Are there any differences between Epic’s US and European customers?

I also asked Janet whether she expects FHIR to enable apps emerging on top of the Epic EHR. At first, yes, this will happen, Janet replied. An avalanche of apps will appear once developers see the potential of interoperability. But then, her argument goes, the majority of these apps will disappear, and only a few real useful apps will prevail. Compare this, she argues, with your first experience with the app store: think of all the apps you downloaded, in contrast to the few you end up using.

This sounds plausible, but I think there is a third phase in “app consumption”.

1: You download every app you can get hold of

2: You delete all apps you never use (90%)

3: In course of time your app collection grows again with new, useful apps.

I know this from my own experience. Our phones at Firely run on Windows. Personally I think Windows Phone is a great OS, but more and more I experience the frustration of not having the apps I need (which I didn’t at first). KLM has no native app for Windows Phone. Insightly (our CRM): only iPhone and Android. My bicycle friends use Strava on the way. Not me…

So, after a while, when the healht app market has matured, you will certainly want more than just the core set of apps. I expect this will happen after the shakeout Janet predicts for the first wave of health apps.

Watch the interview with Janet:



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  1. Christopher Greene on said:

    Hi Janet was right on point with her process operations flow.

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