Simplifier’s hidden feature: connectors

Did you know Simplifier has connectors? It’s a bit of a hidden feature.

Connectors allow you to use third-party websites with Simplifier’s resources. Think for example of sending off a profile from Simplifier to a website that helps you craft examples for them, running third-party validation on your resources, or even uploading them to an external FHIR server!

Subscribe to a connector in order to be able to use it by going to your portal and hitting the Subscribe button:

Subscribe to a connector in the 'Connectors' tab of your portal

Once you’ve subscribed, you can make use of a connector by going to the resource page and hitting the Connect button to choose a connector:

Make use of a connector by clicking the 'Connect' button while viewing a resource

Besides the available built-in connectors, you can also extend Simplifier with your own using a Javascript API! Check out the documentation on how to create your own connector.

When you first write your connector, it is private and available for use just by you. If you’d like to share your connector with the Simplifier community, hit the button on the connectors page:

Publish your connector publicly with the 'Request Connector Publication' button in the connectors' screen

That’s all for today! Have any questions? Feel free to ask!

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