Our FHIR Product Suite: the Baltimore release

Packaging was the topic of the day during the recent HL7 FHIR WGM in Baltimore. With the “Baltimore Release” of our product suite, we have laid the foundation for versioning in FHIR – and much more. Here are the highlights:
FHIR packages make life easier for an implementer: download a package to have all the right versions of all the right (referenced) profiles at your disposal. Simplifier is now a FHIR package server, allowing you to build and download packages for your projects. Additionally, you can use Torinox (free), the FHIR swiss knife CLI tool, to create packages and use them.

The new folder explorer allows you to open the profiles you are working on much easier. We also built a completely new user interface for managing profile extensions. More info here. Expect more where this came from! Better integration with Simplifier in terms of package management and opening complete Simplifier projects is coming.

Folder explorer of Forge.
The new folder explorer of Forge.


The Baltimore Release for Vonk contains Components: add your own plugins to the Vonk engine and build your own solution, leaving the heavy lifting to Vonk. We’ve also spent a lot of time improving Vonk’s performance over the recent months, and we added out-of-the-box support for SQLite. Download a fully-featured trial version from Simplifier.

Grafana performance graphs
Vonk Performance testing and monitoring using Grafana.

R on FHIR package

R on FHIR is an easy to use wrapper around the FHIR REST API (STU 3), and it now supports Bulk Data. Retrieve all data from a FHIR bulk server into the R environment for analysis. Sander Laverman, author of the library, shows how it’s done in his previous blog post. You can download the library from CRAN-R.

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