The Patient Innovator Track at DevDays

In his closing keynote at DevDays US 2019 Redmond, Grahame Grieve, founder of FHIR, emphasized the importance of the patient perspective in FHIR. We were all inspired by Dana Lewis’s earlier talk. She is the creator of the “Do-It-Yourself Pancreas System”, founder of the OpenAPS project, and member of the #WeAreNotWaiting community.

Dana Lewis at DevDays US 2019

We asked a few people, like Grahame, Dave deBronkart (“ePatient Dave”) and Mikael Rinnetmäki (founder of Sensotrend) how they would feel about a Patient Track at DevDays. A track where patients demonstrate what the combination of creativity, technical skills and an I’ll-do-it-myself mentality is capable of.

So here it is, scheduled at the next DevDays edition in Amsterdam, on November 20th. The Patient Innovator Track (a slight change of name from the original Patient Track, suggested by Dave). In short:

  • Four preselected applicants pitch their achievement in the plenary room
  • Achievement: could be an app, a device that spits out data, or whatever else that’s real, other than Powerpoint
  • Patients can apply, but also app developers who apply Patient Involvement by Design (just made that up)
  • Mikael is our track lead. A jury selects the winner. On the jury: Mikael, Grahame, Dave, the sponsor
  • We challenge the audience to sponsor the professionalization of the product in-kind, like FHIR-enabling an app, free cloud storage, consultancy time etc.

Patients who are selected for the track, get free access to the full event. Travel and stay are covered. More details are on the DevDays website.

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