Nice to meet you! We are Firely

Formerly known as Furore Health Informatics

We are a group of software engineers, support engineers and FHIR consultants, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our customers are vendors, care providers and governments.

We have been involved in HL7 FHIR since day one and have been contributing to the standard ever since. We live and breathe FHIR, we talk FHIR to our computers, our colleagues, and even our friends. Which, frankly, drives them crazy.

It is our dream that one day every app in health care will speak FHIR. That’s why we want to make FHIR even simpler. We decided that our focus on FHIR deserved a name and company of its own: Firely. Which, by the way, is a lot easier to pronounce than Furore.

Our team of FHIR-passionate developers is responsible for maintaining the official open source .NET API for HL7 FHIR, and Vonk, the FHIR server for .NET. We created the leading profile authoring tool Forge and are the driving force behind the FHIR platform

We spread the word by offering FHIR consultancy, by giving FHIR training courses and by organizing the yearly FHIR DevDays Amsterdam and FHIR DevDays USA  So, we are nerds helping nerds helping doctors and patients connect.

This is what we live for. This is why we founded Firely.

Firely. 100% FHIR dedicated.