Christiaan Knaap

Understanding FHIR Search Parameters


Everyone has it. That place where ‘stuff’ is stored. And exactly how valuable is that stuff if you can’t find it anymore? That is what search in FHIR is for. And since not everyone gets the concept right from the specification, we’ll go over some examples using Firely Server. We will even go as far as defining your own search parameter!

Custom Resources in Firely Server

TL;DR; Firely Server supports Custom Resources. Define your own resource types, store and validate them in Firely Server just like any other resource. Be wary: don’t try to exchange them with others. What are Custom Resources? Custom Resources in this… Continue reading →

Cake Development

Today is my birthday. Yes, thank you very much. In our offices we have a longstanding tradition of treating your colleagues on your birthday, even now that the company has grown substantially over the years. But between the plank challenges… Continue reading →

Firely Server is Exploring Terminology

Firely Server Terminology

TL;DR We added support for a couple of terminology operations to Firely Server. CodeSystems and ValueSets FHIR is very particular about specifying which codes you are allowed to use when exchanging data. The validator from the FHIR .NET API is… Continue reading →

Access Control in Firely Server

access control image

Please note that Firely Server was formerly called Vonk. TL;DR Firely Server provides Access Control based on OpenIDConnect and the claims as defined by SMART on FHIR. It can be used in Firely Server Facade and FHIR Server. May I… Continue reading →