Rien Wertheim

Firely Server is HIPAA-Compliant

If you need a FHIR server that’s well-tested, secure and complies with all the technical safeguards of the HIPAA Security Rule, look no further. Vonk is now HIPAA compliant!

Securing the Future of Forge

Secure the Future of Forge

On January 1st, 2020, we will issue a new license for Forge, replacing the current license. Forge will remain free for non-commercial use. Commercial use of Forge will be linked to the Simplifier pricing plans, which also give access to… Continue reading →

Firely to Set Up Shop in the US

Firely in the USA

Here at DevDays US 2019, where I am writing this blog, we just announced a huge milestone for our company: the launch of our US office in Boston. In the city that lives and breaths medical informatics, we set up… Continue reading →

FHIR, the Coolest of the Uncool

FHIR is the open API for healthcare. Open APIs have brought innovation to numerous industries and they will bring innovation to healthcare. FHIR will inspire entrepreneurs and developers with great ideas to actually build apps that until now never got… Continue reading →