Michel Rutten

Type Slicing in FHIR R4

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FHIR allows resources to introduce polymorphic or choice type elements. A choice type element supports multiple data types. The name of a choice type element always ends with [x]. A profile can constrain the list of allowed data types of… Continue reading →

FHIR R4 Profiling and Forge

In an earlier blog post FHIR R4 at Firely, my colleague Ardon outlined our product roadmap for 2019. In this post, we will explore the changes that FHIR R4 introduces in the profiling and conformance layer and how this affects Forge, the… Continue reading →

FHIR Profiles and Implementation Guides (2)

In a previous article, we introduced the concept of FHIR implementation guides. Recently our FHIR team at Firely had another in-depth discussion about this topic. In this follow up I’d like to share some more details concerning the concept architecture of implementation guides. An… Continue reading →

FHIR Profiles and Implementation Guides

Firely has recently been exploring the topic of authoring implementation guides for FHIR profiles. In this blog posting, I’d like to share some of our preliminary ideas with you. First let’s introduce a couple of key concepts. So what is a… Continue reading →