Authoring FHIR Profiles
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Authoring FHIR Profiles

Ewout Kramer

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(and here’s part 2: )

Granted, FHIR Profiles are some of the more complex parts of the HL7 FHIR standard, but also one of the most important ones to learn about if you want to adapt FHIR to your needs and usecases. With profiles you can:

  • Extend the FHIR Resources with your own data elements
  • Provide your own lists of codes to amend or replace the ones given in the standard
  • Limit cardinality on existing data elements
  • Define your own messages and documents

Find out more about Profiles in this presentation I gave at the last HL7 Workgroup Meeting in San Antonio. Thanks to Rene Spronk of Ringholm for taping and publishing this! You can find the slides to this presentation on Slideshare

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  1. Part 2 of the video, about some of the more advanced FHIR profiling features such as extensions and slicing, can be found at

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