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FHIR, the Coolest of the Uncool

Rien Wertheim

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FHIR is the open API for healthcare. Open APIs have brought innovation to numerous industries and they will bring innovation to healthcare. FHIR will inspire entrepreneurs and developers with great ideas to actually build apps that until now never got beyond the stage of ‘idea’ or ‘proof of concept’, due to barriers of entering the market.

Problem is that, even with FHIR, a lot of startups like to focus on the apps and the UX. They just don’t like the hard work of health information exchange with the health systems, all the stuff that happens on the back-end. You cannot really blame them. Just go to any of the HL7 meetings and you have to admit that, at least from the perspective of the startups, these meetings are kind of unhip.

At DevDays we try to bring the two worlds together: the establishment of the standards people, the vendors and the health system on the one hand, and the startups on the other hand. Those who have the data and those who have the ideas. That’s why we introduced the DevDays Startup Track.

Here, startups have the opportunity not only to learn FHIR, but also to build the standard into their apps, to compete with other startups and to meet the industry leaders. To lower the barrier, we offer steep discounts on the event tickets for startups.

The Startup Track takes place on June 11th (one of the three days of DevDays). De deadline for application is May 1st. All details are on the event website.

Picture not taken at an HL7 meeting…

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