Firely makes FHIR even simpler

We are the nerds helping other nerds improve the healthcare industry

Who we are

We are a group of software engineers, support engineers and FHIR consultants committed to Health Interoperability. We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and we also have an office in Boston, USA.

We live and breathe FHIR

The Firely team has been involved in FHIR since the beginning and we are continuously contributing to the standard. Firely is the driving force behind FHIR DevDays and a founding member of the FHIR Business Alliance.

Making FHIR even simpler to implement

Our dream is that one day every healthcare app will speak FHIR. It will change the way data is handled in healthcare. It is already happening and it cannot be stopped. Information will flow, data access will be obvious, and apps will be open. We want to make FHIR even simpler for implementers.

We provide essential FHIR software and services

Our team of FHIR-passionate developers is responsible for maintaining the official, open-source .NET SDK for HL7 FHIR as well as the Firely Server. We created the leading FHIR profile authoring tool, Forge, and we are the driving force behind the FHIR collaboration platform, Our tools are essential for healthcare providers, health IT vendors, consulting firms, and national health authorities.

We also provide FHIR training and consultancy services to customers all around the world. In short, Firely provides all the tools, services, and expertise needed to bring FHIR to life.

Firely is certified for ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Our partners

HL7®, FHIR® and the flame Design mark are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven

This is why we founded Firely

We drive health interoperability by developing FHIR products, offering FHIR consultancy, giving FHIR training courses, and organizing the yearly editions of HL7 FHIR DevDays.

Our FHIR products

We create essential software solutions for:

FHIR Data Modeling

FHIR Data Modeling

FHIR Implementation

FHIR Implementation

FHIR App Development

FHIR App Development

These Care Providers, HealthTech companies and Health Authorities all around the world use Firely

We provide customized solutions for

21st Century Cures Act

Achieve stress-free compliance for ONC’s Cures Act with our FHIR Server, FHIR API and FHIR training courses

Interoperability and Patient Access Rule

Implement a Patient Access API or your FHIR API-based Provider Directory for the CMS Final Rule

FHIR Standards Development for HealthTech Companies

Rapidly develop FHIR standards for your products and securely share them with your customers

Find out how Firely can help you bring FHIR to life

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