How to Test Firely Server on Inferno

The Final Rule deadline is almost here. Use our free guide to test compliance in around 30 minutes. 

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What is Inferno?

Inferno is an open-source tool to test if a FHIR server is compliant with the Standardized API for Patient and Population Services criterion § 170.315(g)(10).

Why download the guide?

Our guide shows you how to test Firely Server on Inferno. Download the guide for detailed instructions and screenshots on how to run six groups of tests on Inferno. Find out whether our FHIR Server conforms to authentication, authorization and FHIR content standards like:

  • FHIR Release 4.0.1
  • FHIR US Core Implementation Guide (IG) STU 3.1.1
  • SMART Application Launch Framework Implementation Guide Release 1.0.0
  • HL7 FHIR Bulk Data Access (Flat FHIR) (v1.0.0: STU 1)

Try it out and watch all those tests turn green!

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