Be part of the revolution in Health Informatics

Firely is a small company with a global mission.

Working with Firely

Working with Firely means working with FHIR, building software, and doing consultancy in an international team. It (usually) means travel. It means FHIR DevDays. It means being part of the FHIR revolution.

Firely is a group of software engineers, support engineers, and FHIR consultants based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are the organizers of FHIR DevDays, one of the initiators of the FHIR standard, and founding member of the FHIR Business Alliance (FHIRBall).

Our customers are vendors, care providers, payers, and governments. We live and breathe FHIR, we talk FHIR to our computers, our colleagues, and even our friends which … frankly … drives them crazy!

Our values


  • We have deep knowledge and understanding of our work
  • We take pride in what we do
  • We believe in the mentor-mentee model and are excited about teaching our skills and knowledge to others


  • We are committed to our work
  • We like to feel part of the team, and work with people that show a similar engaged attitude
  • We actively engage in and contribute to the larger community


  • We want to build good products, that make an impact
  • We love what we do, whether it’s building FHIR, building a strong company or building our community
  • We thrive when we make complex processes simple and efficient

Optimism and humour

  • We approach challenges with optimism and humour
  • We have an open attitude towards each other, and are collaborative
  • We take our work serious, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously

Own responsibility

  • We take responsibility for our work – we do what we say we do
  • We have a learning attitude – we are eager to grow our own skills and knowledge
  • We contribute to Firely by sharing thoughts and ideas


We are looking for all kinds of talented people! We need a team with all kinds of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. We are always looking for smart people who can add something new to our team. Check our current job openings or use the open application and we will get in touch.

Listen to what our CTO, Ewout Kramer says about FHIR