The ultimate
FHIR tool set

  • 100% FHIR dedicated
  • Easy FHIR implementation
  • Certified products

Firely Server

A turn-key FHIR Server that’s reliable and easy to use.

Developed on the .NET Core platform, our FHIR-native data platform facilitates the efficient processing of health data, significantly enhancing interoperability within your organization.

  • Compliant with regulations
  • Loosely coupled and yet fully integrated
  • Unparalleled support for the FHIR standard
FHIR server illustration

The best collaboration and publishing platform for FHIR data model development. provides a graphical user interface for the creation, validation, documentation, and publication of FHIR specifications. Access FHIR data models from around the world and see how the best health institutions use FHIR and save time by reusing their work. 

  • Collaborate on FHIR data models
  • Publish publicly or in-company
  • Advanced visual editors

Firely .NET SDK

The official open-source FHIR SDK.

Firely .NET SDK provides a set of tools and libraries that make it easier for developers to work with FHIR resources in .NET applications. It’s open source and can be downloaded from the GitHub repository. It is regularly updated to keep up with the latest developments in the FHIR standard.

  • Open-source
  • Fully compliant with the standard
  • Speeds up implementation time and lowers the amount of coding