The ultimate FHIR tool set

Essential FHIR tools designed and developed by the initiators of FHIR

FHIR Data Modeling

FHIR Implementation

FHIR App Development

FHIR Data Modeling

Create and document your FHIR standard with these core tools


Easily create and edit FHIR profiles with Forge

Build your FHIR Data Model and tailor-fit it to your specific needs with Forge.

  • Create FHIR Profiles and Derived Profiles
  • Create FHIR Extensions and Logical Models
  • ln-line and Real-time Validation
  • Slicing and Value Set Binding
FHIR data modeline


Collaborate on FHIR projects

Work together with your team on public or private FHIR projects and access FHIR data models around the world.

  • Generate and share FHIR packages
  • Validate your FHIR data model against other models
  • Create private projects
  • Edit and publish Implementation Guides
  • Create documentation around your FHIR API


Automate your FHIR work with Firely Terminal

Build automation pipelines with our cross-platform Command Line Tool for FHIR.

  • Communicate with any FHIR Server
  • Install, create and manage FHIR Packages
  • Generate snapshots
  • FHIR Validation
  • Bundle and split FHIR Resources
FHIR tools for automation

FHIR Implementation

Implement your FHIR standard with secure and reliable software


Power your database
with Firely Server

Support your online portal, mobile app, or database with a turn-key FHIR server.

  • .NET FHIR Server
  • Safe and reliable storage
  • Flexible and integratable
  • Supports multiple databases
FHIR server


Open up legacy systems to the FHIR ecosystem with FHIR Facade

Easily connect Firely Server to existing storage with our FHIR Facade.

  • Map your data to one or more FHIR resources
  • Get all the security measures and deployment options of our FHIR server 


Customize your FHIR API with Firely Plugins

Extend the functionality of Firely Server with our plugins, so you can personalize your FHIR API just the way you like it.

  • Install our plugins or build your own
  • SMART on FHIR plugin
  • $document plugin
  • Audit Event log plugin

FHIR App Development

Build FHIR Applications with speed and confidence


Speed up development
with the Firely .NET SDK

Give your team a running start and save precious development time with our trustworthy and open-source FHIR SDK.

  • Official .NET SDK
  • Serialization and deserialization to XML and JSON
  • Snapshot generation, validation and caching
FHIR apps

Combine with other FHIR tools


Power your online portal, app or database with a superior FHIR Server.


Build automation pipelines with our cross-platform Command Line Tool for FHIR.

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