Designed to efficiently enable a FHIR integration for existing systems

FHIR Facade
  • Build a FHIR API without duplicating data
  • Easily connected to existing storage
  • Expose FHIR data real-time

About FHIR Facade

You can implement Firely Server as a FHIR Facade: a powerful and efficient shortcut to connect your systems to FHIR clients. It speaks FHIR in the front-end and talks directly to your native data in the back-end.

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Multiple backend integration options

Implement FHIR Facade against different databases, a queuing system, or other REST APIs.

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Flexible deployment options

Get all the same deployment options as the regular configuration of Firely Server.

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Compliant with regulations

Ensure stress-free compliance since Firely Server meets the requirements of interoperability regulations.

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Flexible mapping

Adjust Mapping code without running transformations across all existing FHIR resources in the database. Enhance mappings as needed for each use case.

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Security by design

SMART on FHIR can be integrated with FHIR Facade offering fine-granular access control.

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Built in .NET Core

Use the Firely .NET SDK to implement your FHIR Facade.

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What’s more to know?

Deciding how to set up the right architecture to ensure future-proof interoperability is not an easy job. Here are a few things that can support you.

Facade or full-blown Server?

Whether you prefer to set up a FHIR repository or implement a Facade and connect it to your existing systems, depends on your use case. Firely Server can be implemented in both ways, and we’ve created plugins and tools to make either scenario easy. But how can you best decide which setup to choose and which plugins to use?  

We’ve written a blog post that guides you through the different options, so you can make an informed decision about what works best for you.  

FHIR Facade
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Implementing FHIR Facade in the AI sector

Our expert team successfully delivered a robust FHIR server and provided comprehensive professional services to support Grampian in implementing the innovative FHIR Facade approach right from the outset.

Firely Server workshop

Implementing a FHIR server as an integrated part of your data infrastructure or systems landscape can be challenging. With our Firely Server Workshop, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of your options. It will give you everything you need to decide what your architecture should look like.

  • Understand the architecture of Firely Server and its configuration options
  • Get hands-on experience with various advanced aspects of Firely Server
  • Practice with building your own FHIR Facade
FHIR training courses

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