Open up legacy systems to the FHIR ecosystem with ease 

FHIR Facade speaks FHIR in the front-end and talks directly to your native data in the back-end.

Trusted by healthcare organizations around the world 

Why use FHIR Facade?  

It’s a powerful and efficient shortcut to connect your systems to FHIR clients

Connect your server

Easily connect the FHIR Facade to existing storage.  

Map data with ease

 Map your data to one or more FHIR resources.  

Secure your data

Get all the security measures and deployment options as our FHIR server. 

Be efficient 

Convert the data on demand so you won’t need a copy of your existing data in FHIR anymore.

Key Features 

FHIR-enable your legacy systems with FHIR Facade 


Sometimes you need a FHIR Facade more than a FHIR server 

  • Build a web or mobile app that needs to access data from several non-FHIR back-end systems 
  • Expose certain parts of your data as FHIR 
  • No need for a copy of your existing data anymore 


Connect your FHIR Facade to existing storage 

  • Connect to your database, a queuing system, or other services  
  • Break down complex REST calls into easy-to-map query parts 
  • Use the Firely .NET SDK to map the resulting data set to one or more FHIR resources 
  • Includes advanced capabilities like history or even scoping access to data based on OAuth2 token claims


Your data will remain as safe as ever 

  • Authentication with OAuth2 and OpenIdConnect  
  • Authorization based on SMART-on-FHIR scopes and launch context 
  • Support for https and Single-Sign-on environments 
  • Encrypt data at rest using database engines, like Transparent Data Encryption on SQL Server or Encrypted Storage Engine on MongoDB 
  • Can be fronted by reverse proxies and load balancing web servers 
  • Support custom authorization with a plugin 


Get all the same deployment options as with Firely Server  

  • Dockerized 
  • Stand-alone, cross-platform binaries 
  • Azure App Service 
  • IIS Web application 

Want to build your first FHIR Facade today? 

You can get started in no time.

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