Easily transform data from one format to another with FHIR Mapper 

FHIR Mapper is a compiler and execution engine for the FHIR Mapping Language 

Key Features 

A powerful and flexible tool for transforming structured data to and from FHIR


  • Transform data from HL7v2, (C)CDA, CSV, or your custom format, to FHIR or other formats 
  • Map FHIR resources between different profiles and FHIR versions 
  • Supports round-trip conversions if needed 


  • Powerful and flexible solution for data transformation 
  • Use any data format that can be described as a FHIR Logical Model as either input or output 
  • Define the mapping between the input and output with the FHIR mapping language 


  • Validate FHIR resources before transforming them 
  • Make sure that FHIR resources that are created by the FHIR Mapper are valid


  • Mappings can be tested, versioned and reused 
  • Shareable with other mapping engines 


  • Transformations can be tested in unit tests 
  • No browser tests (e.g. Selenium) are necessary 

Trusted by healthcare organizations around the world 

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Start transforming data today

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