An identity provider that makes SMART on FHIR effortless

Firely Auth
  • Reliable client authorization and user authentication
  • Easily integratable into existing infrastructure

About Firely Auth

Firely Auth is a fully compliant, external authorization service that provides OAuth2 tokens that conform to SMART on FHIR.

Icon SMART on FHIR plugin

SMART on FHIR first

Fully implements SMART app launch (v1.0 and v2.0). With EHR Launch and Standalone Launch workflows.

Icon Out-of-the-box

Ready out-of-the-box

Login UI available without any additional setup. User management can be implemented locally or outsourced.

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Flexible configuration

Smoothly add API clients. Natively access key management options.

Icon Multiple infrastructure

Multiple infrastructure environments

On-premise, cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud), or your own datacenter.

Icon Kubernetes

Highly scalable

Runs in as many containers as needed using Kubernetes.

Icon custom operations

Suitable for every use case

Securely establish interactions with Firely Server, whether it is patient-, provider- or system-to-system communication.

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together with Firely Server

What’s more to know?

We’re very excited about our Firely Auth. So we could talk about it for ages, but we won’t. Although we listed some things that you might find interesting below.

Certified for the ONC Cures Act Final Rule

Using SMART on FHIR is a prerequisite to get ONC certified. Firely Auth has been successfully certified in combination with Firely Server for §170.315(g)(10). So you can use it as well to easily meet certification criteria.

ONC Cures Act
Logo Datalink

Meet our launching customer: DataLink

At the same time DataLink was preparing to implement a FHIR API by the end of 2022 to meet compliance requirements, Firely was developing Firely Auth as an identity server specifically created to ‘speak FHIR’. Our paths crossed and DataLink got certified using Firely Server and Firely Auth.

What is SMART on FHIR?

SMART stands for Substitutable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies. But what exactly is it? Key contributor (founder?) of SMART on FHIR, Josh Mandel, explains the concept in this video.

Speak to our experts

Having doubts whether you really need this instead of configuring your own identity provider? Do you want to learn how you can use the combo of Firely Server and Firely Auth to have an ONC certified solution in place?

Contact us today, we’re happy to think along!

Rien Wertheim