• Designed for batch processing
  • Easily integrated
  • Optimized for speed

About Firely Server Ingest

Firely Server Ingest (FSI) is a command-line interface (CLI) application crafted to enhance the efficient ingestion of lots of resources into a Firely Server. In contrast to resource ingestion by sending HTTP requests to a running Firely Server instance, this tool writes data directly to the underlying Firely Server database which increases the throughput significantly. The tool supports ingestion into SQL Server and MongoDB databases.

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Automated batch processing

Designed to load high volumes of FHIR resource packages into Firely Server.

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Easy integratable

Executed as part of existing ETL processes combining the creation and validation of resources using Firely .NET SDK Firely Validator.

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Optimized for speed

Focussed on efficiently indexing FHIR resources by directly processing them on a database level without using the FHIR REST API.

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What’s more to know?

Check out some highlights below that we think you’ll find also interesting while looking into Firely Server Ingest.

Determine the right version number

Each version of Firely Server Ingest is bound to a specific version of Firely Server. The table on the right shows which combinations of Firely Server (its database schema version respectively) and Firely Server Ingest can be used in combination.

FSI versions

Extend functionalities with plugins

Plugins make a powerful FHIR Server even more flexible. Easily create new features or operations that are not currently supported by Firely Server. You can use plugins to:

  • Implement custom operations
  • Set up custom authorization
  • Meet very specific requirements
  • Filter data to support multi-tenancy

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