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Power your online portal, app or database with a superior FHIR Server 

FHIR Server

Trusted by healthcare organizations around the world

Why choose Firely Server?

Firely Server is the first and most comprehensive FHIR server in the market.

Safe and reliable storage

Firely Server uses robust storage engines like SQL Server and MongoDB.

Highly customizable

Install our plugins or create your own to add limitless functionality.

Flexible and easy to use

You can choose to host on-premise or on your own cloud. Firely Server is also available in Docker image and runs on Kubernetes.

Secure data management

Our FHIR server provides extensive support for authentication, authorization and data encryption.

Key features

Leave the FHIR heavy lifting to us


A seamless fit for your .NET tooling

  • Built with Microsoft ASP.NET Core, which enables cross-platform support and self-contained binaries
  • Runs on Kestrel, a very fast web server that is highly integrated with ASP.NET Core
  • Utilizes our very own Firely .NET SDK


Safe and reliable data storage that will fit right into your infrastructure

  • Native support for SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB, Cosmos DB 
  • Supports in-memory storage for integration testing during app development


Open up legacy systems to the FHIR ecosystem

  • Easily connect Firely Server to existing storage with our FHIR Facade
  • Map your data to one or more FHIR resources
  • Get all the security measures and deployment options of our FHIR server 


Secure your data in more ways than one

  • Authentication with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect  
  • Authorization based on SMART on FHIR scopes and launch context 
  • Support for HTTPS and Single Sign-On (SSO) environments 
  • Encrypt data at rest using database engines, like Transparent Data Encryption on SQL Server or Encrypted Storage Engine on MongoDB 
  • Can be fronted by reverse proxies and load balancing web servers 
  • Support custom authorization with a plugin 
  • HIPAA compliant


Customize your FHIR API just the way you like it

  • Install our plugins or build your own
  • SMART on FHIR plugin
  • $document plugin
  • Audit Event log plugin
  • Access our marketplace for plugins 


A wide variety of deployment options await you

  • Choose among local, Docker or cloud deployment
  • Binaries with a very simple installation procedure 
  • Docker images 
  • Azure App Service 
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OS-X) 
  • Flexible logging 
  • Can be connected to Microsoft Application Insights 
  • Add profiles or restrict to specific profiles 
  • Add or restrict the search parameters 
  • Enable or disable operations 

Take our FHIR server for a spin 

You can directly download and run Firely Server to try it out, or you can check out the public FHIR endpoint hosted by Firely Server. We also have a free Community Edition. 

Download and run Firely Server for evaluation

Access the public FHIR endpoint

Community Edition for testing

Browse through our documentation

Free eBook: The Buy-vs-Build Guide to FHIR APIs

Learn the risks and factors you need to assess when buying or building your FHIR API with this eBook and Excel calculator.

Buy-vs-build whitepaper

Interested in our FHIR server?

Ask us questions, request for pricing or schedule a call. We’re here to help. 

“FHIR implementation of our EHR was a breeze thanks to Firely Server and the insights of Firely.” 

Ricardo Pineda, CTO at NeoDeck

“In a one-day hands-on workshop we did not only learn how to build a plugin, we even prototyped our solution!” 

Simone Heckmann, CTO at Gefyra

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✓ You are the developer of a hospital system and your customers want FHIR access to health data

✓ You want to add web services to open up health data from your existing system

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