A turn-key FHIR Server that’s reliable and easy to use

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  • Compliant with regulation
  • Loosely coupled and yet fully integrated
  • Unparalleled support for the FHIR standard


Created by one of the initiators of FHIR

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Firely Server

Future-proof your health data with our turn-key Firely Server.

Firely Server

Enrich Firely Server with our out-of-the box add-ons or build your own plugins.

Firely Server

Smoothen your implementation with easy integration and our FHIR knowledge.​

About Firely Server

Firely Server is built in .NET Core. Our FHIR-native data platform supports the processing of health data and skyrockets interoperability in your organization. 

Flexible storage

Secure and reliable databases like SQL Server and MongoDB or use our FHIR Facade to connect to your proprietary database or APIs.

Multiple infrastructure environments

On-premise, cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud), or your own datacenter.

Customizable conformance resources

Easily load and update implementation guides, FHIR profiles and terminology resources.

Powerful validation

Validation of FHIR resources out of the box to ensure syntactical and semantical correctness.

Highly scalable

Runs in as many containers as needed using Kubernetes. Microservice-based validation and high-speed data ingestion.

Security by design

Extensive support for authentication and authorization based on the latest version of SMART on FHIR. Data encryption and event logging by default.

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Extend your Firely Server

Give Firely Server a feature boost with our additional tools and off-the-shelf plugins. Or build your own.

Firely Auth

An authentication server that is seamlessly integrated with SMART on FHIR. Firely Auth is specifically configured to speak FHIR. In case you don’t have your own authentication server or it does not support SMART on FHIR.

PubSub Messaging

Easily communicate with Firely Server about data updates. With PubSub Messaging you can effortlessly integrate a FHIR API into your existing architecture by running FHIR data alongside your proprietary data.

Firely Validator

Validate resources against FHIR profiles to ensure that your data is fully compliant. Firely Validator is fast, created as a microservice, and can easily be extended with new validation rules.

Bulk Data Export

Export bulk data in two ways: an asynchronous data export based on the FHIR Bulk Data Access Implementation Guide, or by using the Patient $everything operation.

Firely Server Ingest

Allows mass ingestion of FHIR resources at high speed. Ideal for (initial) bulk loading.

Customize Firely Server

Write your own plugin in C# . NET Core and insert it into the request pipeline.

Compliant with interoperability regulations

Let Firely do the heavy-lifting in achieving and maintaining compliancy with regulation.

21st Century Cures Act

Giving patients and their care givers secure access to electronic health information (EHI)


CMS Interoperability Rule

Improving health information exchange for patients, health care providers, and payers)


ISiK and ISiP

Improving interoperability
between hospital informations systems


MedMij and VIPP

Increasing data exchange between care providers and patients, and between healthcare providers


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Take care of your implementation

Great products deserve great implementations. Firely provides all the information, training and services you need to implement FHIR.

Integrating FHIR

Whether your main motivation is compliance, future-proofing your data architecture, or opening up for data exchange with third parties, the central challenges are the same: what’s the best way to implement and integrate FHIR? How can you get FHIR data in and out of your database? Should you be using the FHIR API with a full server, or would a FHIR facade better meet your needs? 

We’ve written a blog post that guides you through the different options, so you can make an informed decision about what works best for you.   

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FHIR consultancy

Accelerate your success with expert FHIR consultancy

Implementing a FHIR server as an integrated part of your data infrastructure or systems landscape can be challenging. It involves different skills. As part of the implementation process, Firely’s FHIR experts bring a tool kit with training, software, best practices, guidelines and check lists that will help you get the most out of FHIR and the best of Firely Server.

  • Training of your team, both in FHIR and Firely Server
  • Scoping sessions to define the goals of the project
  • Architecture definition and data flow design
  • Extraction, transformation and loading of data
  • Configuration and deployment

FHIR Training Courses and Workshops for Health IT Professionals

Firely is of the initiators and key-contributors of the FHIR standard. Our training courses are aimed at implementers. Learn today, apply tomorrow.

If your team is about the embark on a FHIR implementation project, we recommend these training courses:

FHIR training courses and workshops

What customers say about us

NHS Grampian

“We are absolutely sold on FHIR as the way we want to deliver data. It’s making things easy for all kinds of future projects. And having Firely on board as consultants was a real enabler for us.”

Colin McSkimming, Senior Analyst Developer

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Firely’s tech stack was a perfect match for us. And when we hit a problem, they either co-developed a solution with us, or they had one already available.”

Mark Gilleland, Chief Architect

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