Extend the functionality of Firely Server with plugins 

Install our plugins or easily build your own to customize your FHIR API just the way you like it

Plugins make a powerful FHIR Server even more flexible

Easily create new features or operations that are not currently supported by Firely Server. You can use plugins to:

  • Implement custom operations
  • Set up custom authorization
  • Meet very specific requirements
  • Filter data to support multi-tenancy

Choose your Firely Server Plugin

Firely offers off-the-shelf plugins for authentication, bulk data loading and exporting. They are available in the trial edition and can be purchased separately.

SMART on FHIR Plugin

This plugin enables authentication based on the SMART on FHIR specification and allows you to integrate Firely Server with your own authentication and authorization system.

Firely Server Ingest

This plugin allows mass ingestion of FHIR resources into Firely Server and is ideal for initial bulk loading.

Bulk Data Export Plugin

With this plugin you can export bulk data in two ways: an asynchronous data export based on the FHIR Bulk Data Access (or “Flat FHIR”) Implementation Guide, or by using the Patient $everything Operation.

Bulk Data Export:

Patient $everything Operation:

These plugins are all available for free:

Audit Event Log Plugin

This plugin captures all RESTful operations with the FHIR Server as FHIR AuditEvent resources. It logs access through the RESTful API for auditing purposes and is part of the Firely Server distribution.

Binary Wrapper Plugin

This creates a Binary resource for all content posted with any binary MIME type, allowing other services in Firely Server to pick up the resource and interact with its contents.

Document Generation

This free, open-source plugin is a handy implementation of the $document operation, which converts a FHIR Composition into a FHIR Document.

Custom operations

Use plugins to create your own implementation of an operation that is not yet supported by Firely Server. Follow the link for an example of a custom operation.

Are you interested in the Firely Server Plugins?

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You can build your own plugins too

For very specific requirements, you can write your plugin in C# .NET Core, configure it to Firely Server, and insert it into the request pipeline. It’s that transparent and completely configurable. You can find everything you need to build your own plugin in our docs:

Firely Server plugins diagram

Got any questions?

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