• Make Firely Server more flexible
  • Implement custom business logic
  • Implement custom operations

Explore our standard Plugins

Firely offers off-the-shelf plugins for authentication, bulk data loading and exporting. Easily create new features or operations that are not currently supported by Firely Server.



Enables authentication based on the SMART on FHIR specification, allowing you to integrate Firely Server with your own authentication and authorization server.

Terminology Management

Firely Server offers FHIR-based terminology operations such as $expand, $validate-code, and $find-matches. External terminology services can be easily integrated into Firely Server’s validation process.


Receive REST hooks based on changes to data in Firely Server, bridging the gap between a RESTful API and messaging.

Document Handling

Generate FHIR-native documents using the $document operation and utilize the BinaryWrapper plugin to store unstructured documents with annotated metadata in Firely Server. The $docref operation offers a seamless retrieval of the documents.

Icon Bulk Data Export

Bulk Data Export *

Export bulk data in two ways: an asynchronous data export based on the FHIR Bulk Data Access Implementation Guide, or by using the Patient $everything operation.

PubSub Messaging *

A native message bus integration allowing effortless integration with Firely Server by sending asynchronous updates to Firely Server.

* Available with Firely Server Premium

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Build your own Plugin

For very specific requirements, you can write your plugin in C# .NET Core, configure it to Firely Server, and insert it into the request pipeline. It’s that transparent and completely configurable. You can find everything you need to build your own plugin in our Technical Documentation.

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