Automate your FHIR validation, file and release management with Firely Terminal

Firely Terminal
  • Works on any operating system
  • Full FHIR validation and snapshot generation
  • Build automated pipelines

About Firely Terminal

Firely Terminal is a command-line tool designed for FHIR-related tasks, built on the open-source Firely .NET SDK. Compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows, it’s the most powerful solution for automating anything in the FHIR development workflow. Its capabilities span from synchronizing with projects to interacting with FHIR APIs and validating both specifications and examples, making it the best tool for enhancing efficiency in FHIR development processes.

Firely Terminal not only allows you to work with FHIR on your local computer’s command line, but also allows you to build pipelines in for example GitHub or Azure to automate FHIR validation, snapshot generation and the creation of packages.

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FHIR validation

Validate any FHIR conformance resource or example instance against the FHIR rules and created profiles.

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FHIR package management

Install, create and manage FHIR packages using Firely terminal as a FHIR package manager.


Easily synchronize a local folder with a public or private project. This is useful when you want to work on them with Forge or if you have created resources with FHIR Shorthand.

FHIR client

Functions as a command-line based FHIR client. It sends resources to FHIR servers and back via their FHIR API.

Icon SnapshotGenerator

Snapshot generation

Simplifies the process of creating a resulting FHIR data model, known as the snapshot, by offering a straightforward command: fhir snapshot.

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Technical documentation

Firely Terminal documentation

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