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About Forge

Conformance Resources (”Profiles”) are an important aspect of the FHIR standard. They allow you to tailor FHIR to your needs and define how exchanging partners use the FHIR specification. Forge is the only graphical user-friendly interface for developing FHIR profiles, extensions, logical models, search parameters and operation definitions. 

Forge is part of a Simplifier plan. Together with Firely Terminal, they are unique in the FHIR ecosystem and are widely used by start-ups, large health tech corporations and nation-scale standards organizations worldwide, for easy and consistent FHIR specification development.


Constraining a base FHIR resource or existing FHIR Profile to fit a use case, by changing cardinalities, creating and adding extensions and setting Value Set bindings.

Logical Modeling

Model a data model in the FHIR infrastructure, without being limited to the core FHIR resources. A perfect step for scoping out a data model in a structured way, before mapping to FHIR’s data model itself.

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Validation of any FHIR resource out of the box through various means. It includes validation against the FHIR specification and its parent resources, validation against the profiles a FHIR instance claims to conform to and validation against custom business rules that can be defined in FHIRPath.

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Smooth integration

Integrate Forge with to synchronize a full local FHIR project with a Simplifier project with one click. Integrate with online FHIR servers and FHIR registries, to download and publish profiles.

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What’s more to know?

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How to create your first FHIR profile — and customize it too

In this blog post, we will show you how to make your first, customized FHIR profile in less than one hour. The fastest way to do this is with Forge.

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Manage FHIR Projects and Resources

A definitive guide to managing FHIR projects and resources

There are many ways to create the definitions you need for your FHIR project, but Forge is probably the easiest. It allows you to create FHIR profiles, extensions, and more in easy-to-understand desktop user interface, providing real-time validation feedback. 

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