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The backbone for the official HL7 FHIR Registry

How to use

The 4 steps of the FHIR data model development cycle

Lower the barrier of FHIR development with Forge and Firely Terminal

About is a web-based collaboration platform for FHIR, providing a graphical user interface for the creation, validation, documentation, and publication of FHIR specifications. Access FHIR data models from around the world and see how the best health institutions use FHIR and save time by reusing their work. 


Collaborate on public and private FHIR projects

Work on FHIR projects with your team or with external partners. Streamline your work with user management, GitHub integrations, and custom workflows.


Direct publishing to the complete FHIR community

Simplifier forms the backbone for the official HL7 FHIR Registry, allowing users to publish directly to the worldwide repository of FHIR data models.


Full access to FHIR data models around the world

Use the search engine to find similar work by others. Search among 30,000 FHIR profiles in the registry.


Graphical editing of FHIR profiles and model documentation

The easy-to-use, interactive Implementation Guide editor opens data model documentation writing for a large group of technical writers, without the need for command line and code experience. The Forge profile editor does the same for the graphical modeling of clinical data in FHIR.

What customers say about us

“It has been a pleasure to work with you and overall, Firely has left a very good impression as a partner to all of my colleagues.

Marta Limmert, Data Management Analyst

Publishing Knowledge Artifacts

As a central FHIR repository, is uniquely positioned to be the hub for distributing your measures, questionnaires, guidelines, and terminologies.

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How to use

The FHIR data model development cycle consists of four phases, that iteratively define and improve the data definitions for your use case.

Step 1: Build and verify

Transform the logical model for your use case to FHIR with our graphical editor Forge or text-based with FHIR Shorthand.

Easily validate every change against the FHIR specification, your own data models, and custom business rules defined in FHIRPath.

Step 2: Document

Create human-readable documentation around your data model with an Implementation Guide. The online editor lets you build a guide with direct visualization while giving you control over the full styling with Markdown, HTML, and CSS.

Step 3: Publish

Publish your FHIR data model and Implementation Guide with one click, publicly or privately.

Since is the infrastructure behind the official HL7 FHIR Registry, your public FHIR specification will automatically be available to all FHIR servers and tools in the world.

Step 4: Collect feedback

Ballot your Implementation Guide and collect feedback directly with your specification. Solicit comments from your colleagues, external collaborators, or the entire FHIR community.

Take this input back to Step 1 to continue to improve your specification.

Access over 6.972 FHIR projects,
30.184 FHIR profiles and 241.846 resources
from leading healthcare organizations around the globe Suite

With comes access to Forge & Firely Terminal. Together these tools support easy development of and governance over FHIR data models. These tools are unique in the FHIR ecosystem and are widely used by start-ups, large HealthTech vendors and nation-scale standards organizations worldwide for easy and consistent FHIR specification development.


Desktop editor

Forge is the only graphical user interface for developing FHIR profiles, extensions, logical models, search parameters and operation definitions. With enforcement of best practices and instant inline validation it’s the de-facto standard for graphical FHIR resource editing.

FHIR Profiling Forge
Firely Terminal

Firely Terminal

Command line tool

Firely Terminal is a powerful, unparalleled command-line FHIR editor allowing users to execute full FHIR validation, synchronization, snapshot generation, and many other crucial features on their command line and in automated pipelines.

Using the Simplifier platform, in combination with available open source tools, provides a lower barrier of entry for FHIR development, widening the set of roles that can contribute, and ensure consistent governance across multiple specifications.

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