Test your FHIR server and guarantee high performance for every new release

WindTunnel is our own open-source Performance Measurement Framework for server developers.


Sharing WindTunnel with the world 

We originally built WindTunnel to test our own FHIR server. But we talked to other server developers at DevDays 2018 and realized there was considerable interest in getting this open-sourced – so here it is! 

Stay in control

Ensure your FHIR server is always performant 

Performance testing

Measure test-after-test performance  

Stress testing

Make sure your software stays fast with every new release 


Testing, visualization and historical performance in one package

Key features

Open-source performance and stress testing for FHIR server developers 

FHIR API sample code
  • Run performance tests and view your results in different scenarios 
  • Drill down into individual GET, POST, and DELETE performance 
  • Drill down into 1, 20, and 40 users 
  • Quickly assess the overall picture using percentile line & flamegraph 
  • Run stress tests to see what your server can handle 

Beta release 

This is the first release to measure the community interest. For feedback and known issues, see here

This tool is intended for server developers only; note that test results are not valid for comparing servers under test due to the different hardware tests are run on. This tool is for making sure that given the hardware you run the tests on, your software stays performant one release after another. 

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