Are you a German EHR vendor, hospital or care provider?

Firely works with KIS (Krankenhausinformationssystem) and KAS (Klinisches Arbeitsplatzsystem) vendors to create interoperable solutions.

The Challenge

The IT systems of hospitals and the Pflegesektor in Germany need to comply to the federal regulations defined in § 373 SGB V.

  • The journey to compliance can be costly and time-consuming and requires IT experts who have experience with HL7 FHIR.
  • The ISiK confirmation procedure must be completed according to the FHIR Implementation Guide, ISiK-Basismodul.
  • Vendors need to have certified ISiK and ISiP FHIR interfaces in place by their respective deadlines. 
  • The deadlines for ISiK compliance are based on publication and validity periods of various ISiK and ISiP modules. The latest version is the Basis Stufe 3, which has a deadline of July 2025. A full overview can be found here.

Our Solution

Firely offers a one-stop-shop for interoperable FHIR solutions:

  • A powerful FHIR server that is fully certified (Stufe 3) for ISiK by gematik. Firely Server is tested and fully compliant with gematik’s Titus certification tool.
  • Comprehensive FHIR training courses and implementation workshops. 
  • Developer Templates with boilerplate code to help  you integrate with our back-end system. 
  • Professional services to help you with data integration and transformation.

Your FHIR tools for ISiK and ISiP

Firely offers unparalleled expertise on FHIR and feature-rich software solutions:

Icon Firely Server

Firely Server


Power your clinical system with a superior, turn-key FHIR server that’s fully certified for ISiK.

Icon FHIR Facade

FHIR Facade

Easily connect Firely Server to existing storage and open up legacy systems to the FHIR ecosystem

Icon Firely .NET SDK

Firely .NET SDK

Save precious development time with Firely’s open-source FHIR SDK, the official implementation in .NET


Extend the ISiK specification by creating and publishing your own FHIR profiles

Icon Training

FHIR Training

Access the HL7 FHIR Overview Course and maximize our Firely Server workshop

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Free eBook: The FHIR Buy or Build Guide for ISiK

Learn the risks and factors you need to assess when buying or building your own ISiK solution. Kickstart your journey to interoperability with this free eBook and Excel calculator.

More information

You can find all the necessary information on ISiK and ISiP, including links to Titus and, on Gematik’s website:

ISiK Implementation Guide

Gematik has published the FHIR specifications and implementation guide for ISiK (“ISiK-Basismodul”) on, a platform created by Firely. The ISiP implementation guide will follow next year.

ISiK Confirmation Procedure 

The specifications of the implementation guide “ISiK-Basismodul” are the basis for successfully completing the ISiK confirmation procedure. View the step by step guide here.

Titus – PS-Testmodule 

Gematik’s testing tool for manufacturers, where you can check your product’s ISiK and TI compliance before registering for the official confirmation procedure.

ISiK Overview  

Gematik’s overview of ISiK for specialists, including key information and resources.

ISiP Overview  

Gematik’s overview of ISiP for specialists, including key information and resources.

Your certified partner for ISiK and ISiP 

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