The FHIR-native solution for MedMij, VIPP and more

Firely provides an enterprise-grade FHIR API and Data Platform that complies with Dutch FHIR specifications, suited to the needs of Care Providers and their vendors.

Various initiatives in the Netherlands aim to increase secure access to standardized healthcare data, supported by grants and regulations such as MedMij, VIPP, Wabvpz, and Wegiz:


Clinical Data Repository for hospitals

Hospitals that no longer want to depend solely on their EHR vendors and want to take ownership of their data: consider setting up a FHIR based Clinical Data Repository (CDR) with Firely Server.

  • Store data from multiple sources in a harmonized, standard format
  • Access for analytics and third-party or home-grown apps through standard and well-documented APIs
  • Customize the FHIR API with your own plugins
  • Deployment on-premise and in the cloud

VIPP5 & MedMij

VIPP5 aims to increase healthcare data exchange between care providers and patients through MedMij, and between healthcare providers. The program focuses on the patient summary, questionnaires, and correspondence. 

Firely Sever is suited for information standards used in MedMij and can be implemented as a core component in the MedMij DVZA (NL: ‘dienstverlener zorgaanbieder’) architecture. 

Specifically, for VIPP5, Firely Server natively supports all FHIR requirements: 

  • Basisgegevensset Zorg (BgZ) 
  • PDF/A 
  • Questionnaires

VIPPGGZ, Inzicht, OPEN, 

The VIPPGGZ, Inzicht, OPEN, and BabyConnect programs are part of VIPP, targeting specific healthcare domains, each with its own information standards. 

Firely Server natively supports FHIR requirements, like the $lastn and $document operations, for: 

    • Basisgegevens GGZ (BgGGZ)
    • Medication Process (MP)
  • Inzicht
    • Basisgegevens Landurige Zorg (BGLZ)
    • eOverdracht 
  • OPEN
    • Genaral Practitioner Data 
    • PDF/A 
  • BabyConnect
    • BirthCare

Quality Measures

Reporting Quality Measures can be a pain: error-prone, manual work, and point-to-point interfaces make this a tedious and inefficient recurring process.

FHIR interfaces across the supplier and data collector chain can make a world of difference. The data collecting entity pulls the data from the FHIR API securely and efficiently, or the data is pushed to the collector’s FHIR API.

Ideally, Quality Measures are based on the Dutch Zorginformatiebouwstenen (ZIBs). For most ZIBs, FHIR profiles are available on the Nictiz site on Firely server supports the ZIB-based FHIR profiles.


Firely Server is compliant with the Dutch FHIR specifications as defined and tested by Nictiz. Go beyond compliance and harness the full power of FHIR. We provide:

  • A powerful, cross-platform FHIR Server that provides out-of-the-box FHIR APIs  
  • STU3, R4, and R5-preview support, and allows multiple FHIR versions on the same endpoint   
  • SMART on FHIR support for authentication and authorization  
  • Comprehensive training courses on HL7 FHIR
  • Firely Server workshop: build a Proof of Concept in 3 online sessions  
  • Dutch speaking support desk
  • Professional services to help you with the integration in your back-end system 
  • For vendors: a price model that fits your business model

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