The FHIR Buy or Build Guide for ISiK

A handy framework for German EHR vendors and hospitals who need to buy or build an ISiK solution by June 30, 2023.

Learn the risks and factors you need to assess when buying or building your own ISiK solution. We created this free eBook and Excel calculator to kickstart your journey to interoperability.

Thanks to ISiP (Interoperabler Datenaustausch durch Informationssysteme in der Pflege) and ISiK (Informationstechnische Systeme in Krankenhäusern) interoperability is well on the horizon for German healthcare systems. These regulations require hospitals, care providers and their vendors to implement interoperable, FHIR-compliant health IT systems by June 2023.

These organizations need to decide whether to buy or build FHIR capabilities before the deadline. If you belong to one of these organizations, your decision greatly depends on your specific context and use case. This special ISiK edition of The Buy-vs-Build Guide to FHIR APIs can help you make your own buy-versus-build analysis using a well-chosen criteria that you can adjust according to your own context. This handbook contains:

  • A brief overview of the ISiK rule
  • A framework for your buy versus build analysis
  • What is a FHIR API
  • A comprehensive, 11-point criteria
  • How to use the Buy-vs-Build Calculator

The eBook, along with the Buy-vs-Build Calculator, can provide a handy framework that you can use, change and adapt while preparing for ISiK and ISiP.

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