The FHIR for Jurisdictions Handbook

Get the step-by-step guide to developing FHIR standards for your country or region, with key insights from NHS Digital and HL7 Germany

This whitepaper is an essential guide for anyone involved in building FHIR specifications for their country or region. Learn the do’s, don’ts and best practices from pioneering Standards Development Organizations (SDO’s) in the UK and Germany.

This handbook outlines how to implement FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) within a “jurisdiction”. A jurisdiction refers to regional or national bodies that are responsible for driving interoperability within their realm. The eBook focuses on the practical implementation of FHIR standards rather than the policies and strategies regarding interoperability.

The handbook contains:

  • A practical roadmap for developing FHIR standards
  • The FHIR development cycle from start to finish
  • Setting up structured feedback loops
  • Providing long term support and breaking changes
  • Driving adoption within the community

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from key members of the FHIR community. We asked David Crampin (FHIR Product Owner at NHS Digital), Kevin Sprague (Interoperability Team Lead at NHS Digital), and Simone Heckmann (Chair of the Technical Committee for HL7 FHIR) to share their experiences and learnings around developing FHIR standards for their realm.

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