FHIR in US healthcare regulations, the ultimate guide

A complete overview of the relevant US healthcare regulations, implementation guides, and technologies.

Cover eBook FHIR in US healthcare regulations

This eBook provides insights of all FHIR related regulations in the US and will help you understand their scope.

Healthcare IT is a dynamic environment in which digitization presents transformational, technical, and commercial. The regulatory push to stimulate these developments is especially strong in the US, where the 21st Century Cures Act together with Final Rules issued by both ONC and CMS, has introduced new regulations, criteria, and deadlines in Health IT.

Thanks to these regulations, the US leads the world in the adoption of FHIR and Interoperability. This presents an opportunity for growth, innovation, and progress. But it also presents challenges that makes it hard to follow the big picture.

This eBook contains:

  • A summary of all relevant regulations like the ONC Cures Act, Final Rule and the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule
  • The essential criteria that HealthTech companies must meet
  • An overview of the Implementation Guides that set out rules and documentation for using FHIR resources
  • An explanation of USCDI and US Core and how they are related
  • An extensive list of key terms and technologies that are used by the regulatory bodies

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