This joint webinar (in German) by Firely and Healex covers the topic of Digitization in Hospitals using FHIR and KHZG.

The Hospital Future Act has provided a total of 4.3 billion euros from the federal and state governments since January 2021 so that hospitals can invest in digitization, patient portals, and networked clinical data. The use of structured clinical data standards, especially the FHIR basic profiles, is mandatory.

In this webinar which is followed by a panel discussion, you will learn:

  1. What is important when using structured clinical data with the FHIR standard in digitization projects of the Hospital Future Act.
  2. What is important when integrating your clinical data according to FHIR in practice.

The experts:

  • Rien Wertheim (CEO, Firely)
  • Stefan Wiesner (CEO, Healex)
  • Alexander Zautke (FHIR Expert, Firely)
  • Gustav Vella (FHIR Expert, Healex)
  • Dr. Joseph Schepers (Berlin Institute of Health, Charité, Core Unit eHealth and Interoperability (CEI))
  • Dr. med Georg Langebartels (University Hospital Cologne).

Find out how Firely can help you implement healthcare digitalization for Das Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz (KHZG) with a best-in-class FHIR software bundle.