Our FHIR services include:

  • Product implementation and system integration
  • FHIR profiling and Implementation Guide development
  • Software co-development
  • Strategic and technical consulting
  • FHIR workshops and workshops on our products

Guiding cutting edge use-cases

If your use-case is cutting edge and does not seem to fit the FHIR specification (yet), we either know the work-arounds, or we take your use-case back to the community to see if it makes sense to try to adjust the FHIR standard.

Some assignments we have successfully completed:

  • Mapping proprietary data structures to the FHIR data model and building the mapping engine
  • Designing and writing FHIR profiles and Implementation Guides from scratch
  • Building FHIR profiles from existing non-FHIR Implementation Guides
  • App development
  • Integrating a FHIR server as part of an application suite
  • Conducting workshops for vendors, where we help the interface teams of our customers to FHIR-enable their systems or building a first Proof of Concept
  • Providing technical advice on the application architecture and the place where FHIR fits in

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Customized FHIR solutions for

21st Century Cures Act Solution

21st Century Cures Act

Achieve stress-free compliance for ONC’s Cures Act with our FHIR Server, FHIR API and FHIR training courses

Interoperability and Patient Access Rule

Interoperability and Patient Access Rule

Implement a Patient Access API or your FHIR API-based Provider Directory for the CMS Final Rule

FHIR Standards Development for Health Authorities

FHIR Standards Development for Health Authorities

Collaboratively develop, test, and publish the FHIR standards for your realm

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