A FHIR-based Clinical Data Repository that’s ready for use 

Empower doctors, nurses and patients to make better use of their data with an open and standardized Clinical Data Repository (CDR) by Firely

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Unleash the power of your hospital’s data 

Isn’t it time to make better use of data entered by thousands of doctors, nurses, and patients in dozens of systems, day after day? 

The Problem

Most healthcare data is stored and locked away within proprietary back-end systems. This creates a myriad of problems that make it difficult for healthcare workers, medical researchers and hospital IT staff to carry out their work: 

  • Current data models require in-depth expertise from expensive consultants to understand 
  • Some data is not accessible at all 
  • Building queries and reports takes ages 
  • The same data entered time and time again by healthcare workers 

The Solution

A FHIR CDR can be a key component in your hospital’s information architecture. Both large university medical centers and general hospitals with multiple centers can benefit from this. 

Here are some of the things that suddenly get easier with a FHIR CDR: 

  • Querying for research and clinical trials 
  • Connecting third-party apps as well as your homegrown apps  
  • Connecting patient portals and personal health records 
  • Reporting, both internally and to external stakeholders and regulators  
  • Handling Quality Measures 

Here’s how we can help you

Firely offers unparalleled expertise on FHIR and feature-rich software solutions:

Icon Firely Server

Firely Server

 Power your online portal, mobile app, or database with a superior, turn-key FHIR server.

Icon FHIR Facade

FHIR Facade 

A powerful and efficient shortcut to connect your systems to FHIR clients.

Icon Firely Terminal

Firely Terminal 

Automate your FHIR pipelines with Firely Terminal, the only command line interface designed and built for FHIR. 

Why choose Firely?

Icon Bulk Data Export

Bulk data exports

Firely’s CDR supports exporting FHIR in bulk. This makes it very easy to import and reuse this data in other systems for analytics.

Icon Compliance

Safe and reliable storage 

Firely’s CDR provides native support for SQL Server, MongoDB, and SQLite. You can also use our FHIR Facade to connect to your existing storage and map data to one or more FHIR resources. 

Icon Secure

Secure data management 

Our FHIR server provides extensive support for authentication, authorization and HIPAA-compliant data encryption. 

Icon Cloud

Cloud or On-Premise Hosting 

You can choose to host Firely’s CDR on-premise or in the cloud. Firely Server is also available as a Docker image and runs on Kubernetes. 

Icon Plug and Play


Expand the functionality of your CDR using Plugins, custom resources or custom operations.

Icon Integration

Simplifier.net integration

The Firely CDR integrates with Simplifier.net so you can easily preload your existing projects. This means you can download a pre-configured and pre-loaded instance of the Firely CDR from Simplifier.net. 

You can even get started today 

Use the following resources to build your own FHIR CDR: 

Icon Firely Server

Download and run the Firely Server for evaluation

Icon Public Endpoint

Access the public FHIR endpoint

Icon Documentation

Browse through our documentation

Icon Simplifier.net

Download your own CDR from any Simplifier.net FHIR STU3 project 

Are you ready to build your FHIR CDR with Firely? 

Ask us questions, request for pricing or schedule a call. We’re here to help.