FHIR standards development for health authorities 

Collaboratively develop, test, and publish the FHIR standards for your realm

Seamless standards development every step of the way 

The Challenge

Interoperability needs reusable data models, developed out in the open. To do this, a standards organization must: 

  • Get vendors involved from the very first moment 
  • Have intuitive, easy to use tools (no code) to design, and govern your FHIR data models 
  • Collaborate with your colleagues and project members 
  • Collect public feedback to get community backed data standards 
  • Get inspired by other data models from all over the world 
  • Publish documentation and versioned data models 
  • Map your information model to the FHIR data model 

The Solution

Firely provides a comprehensive FHIR development suite and expertise to support your full lifecycle of standards development. 

  • Build profiles with the graphical user interface Forge 
  • Easily collaborate with your team on FHIR projects and access FHIR data models around the world
  • Build automation pipelines with our cross-platform Command Line Tool for FHIR
  • Use the knowledge of our FHIR experts for training and consultancy to kick-start your project

Free eBook: The FHIR for Jurisdictions Handbook

Get the step-by-step guide to developing FHIR standards for your country or region, with key insights from NHS Digital and HL7 Germany

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The best FHIR tools in the market for developing FHIR standards

Built by the people who co-created FHIR

Icon Data profiling


FHIR Profiling

Build your FHIR data model and tailor-fit it to your specific needs with Forge. 

  • Create and edit FHIR profiles and derived profiles  
  • Create and edit FHIR extensions and logical models 
  • In-line and real-time validation
  • Slicing and value set binding
Icon Simplifier.net


FHIR Registry and Collaboration Platform

Easily collaborate with your team on FHIR projects and access FHIR data models around the world.

  • Collaborate with your team 
  • Generate and share FHIR packages in the official package registry 
  • Validate your FHIR data and data model with understandable error messages 
  • Provide your customers with a user interface for validation against your model 
  • Generate FHIR example data 
  • Implementation Guide editing and publication for documenting your FHIR API
Icon Firely Terminal


FHIR Automation

Build automation pipelines with our cross-platform Command Line Tool for FHIR.

  • Communicate with any FHIR server (get, put, post, search) 
  • Install, create, and manage FHIR packages 
  • Automate FHIR validation, file and release management 
  • Generate snapshots 
  • Bundle and split FHIR resources 
  • CI/CD friendly 
Icon Training


FHIR Training and Consultation

Empower your team and learn all about FHIR from real experts. Learn all about FHIR Profiling and get a comprehensive overview on HL7 FHIR.

  • Online training and workshops 
  • Free online learning module (Profiling Academy) 
  • Implementation Guides 
  • Consultancy  

Why choose Firely?

Icon Validation

Easy validation

Validate your implementations to make sure everything runs smoothly. Use Firely Server for API validation and Aegis Touchstone to validate your implementation for apps. 

Icon Integrations

Flexible integrations

Our products also work well in an ecosystem with other, 3rd party FHIR tooling, like the HL7 FHIR IG publisher and FHIR shorthand. 

Icon FHIR expertise

Unparalleled expertise 

Firely’s products are built by the co-creators of FHIR. We work closely with HL7 and the FHIR community to continuously improve the FHIR standard. 


Fully FHIR-compliant 

Our tools are always compliant with the latest FHIR updates. Expect frequent improvements on our products. 

These Standards Organizations and HealthTech companies all around the world prefer Firely

Do you want to get started with standards development? 

Useful resources for data modelers

Here are additional resources and documentation you might find helpful, from one data modeler to another:

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