Seamless standards development every step of the way 

The Challenge

Modern healthtech organizations deal with a wide range of data that need to seamlessly interoperate. This requires: 

  • Organization-level standards and use-case specific derivations, available in one place, checked for consistency 
  • User-friendly tools to open up data modelling for all domain experts, not just developers 
  • Secure and private standards development, accessible to all collaborators 
  • Consistent and developer friendly documentation and powerful tools to support implementation 
  • Enforcement of FHIR specifications, terminologies and your organization’s custom modeling guidelines

The Solution

Firely provides a comprehensive FHIR development suite and expertise to support your full lifecycle of standards development.

  • Build data and API models with the graphical user interface Forge
  • Easily collaborate and document with your team on private FHIR projects and access public FHIR data models from around the world
  • Publish privately to collaborators or publicly, straight to the official FHIR Registry 
  • Build automation pipelines with our cross-platform Command Line Tool Firely Terminal
  • Use the power of git for version control and check for quality on every commit
  • Use the knowledge of our FHIR experts for training and consultancy to kick-start your project

Key products and services

Built by the people who co-created FHIR

Icon Forge


FHIR Profiling

Build your FHIR data model and tailor-fit it to your specific needs with Forge. 

  • Create and edit FHIR profiles and derived profiles  
  • Create and edit FHIR extensions and logical models 
  • In-line and real-time validation
  • Slicing and value set binding


FHIR Registry and Collaboration Platform

Easily collaborate with your team on FHIR projects and access FHIR data models around the world.

  • Collaborate with your team 
  • Generate and share FHIR packages in the official package registry 
  • Validate your FHIR data and data model with understandable error messages 
  • Provide your customers with a user interface for validation against your model 
  • Generate FHIR example data 
  • Implementation Guide editing and publication for documenting your FHIR API
Icon Firely Terminal


FHIR Automation

Build automation pipelines with our cross-platform Command Line Tool for FHIR.

  • Communicate with any FHIR server (get, put, post, search) 
  • Install, create, and manage FHIR packages 
  • Automate FHIR validation, file, and release management 
  • Generate snapshots 
  • Bundle and split FHIR resources 
  • CI/CD friendly 
Icon Training


FHIR Training and Consultation

Empower your team and learn all about FHIR from real experts. Learn all about FHIR Profiling and get a comprehensive overview on HL7 FHIR.

  • Online training and workshops 
  • Free online learning module (Profiling Academy) 
  • Implementation Guides 
  • Consultancy  

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Do you need help developing standards?

Useful resources for data modelers

Here are additional resources and documentation you might find helpful, from one data modeler to another.

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