Your complete solution for the 21st Century Cures Act

  • Compliant with the ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule
  • Turn-key FHIR Server
  • Easy & fast to deploy
FHIR server illustration

Improve electronic health information exchange and interoperability using Firely Server

FHIR Implementation

Firely Server is a powerful, cross-platform FHIR Server that provides out-of-the-box FHIR APIs

FHIR Implementation

Tested against the official ONC Inferno environment, so you’re all set to get certified

FHIR Implementation

Firely Server workshop included: build your Proof of Concept in only 3 online sessions

FHIR Implementation

As co-creators of FHIR, we’re always up to speed with the latest HL7 FHIR updates.

FHIR Implementation

Firely FHIR server supports every aspect of the FHIR standard. It gives you the option to fully adopt FHIR and
future-proof your organization.

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