Spark FHIR Server

Reference implementation
Spark is the official open source C# reference implementation server for FHIR DSTU2 by Firely. In the early days of FHIR, Spark served as a test server for developing the FHIR standard. It was adopted by the FHIR community during the HL7 connectathons to develop and test FHIR clients. Since its initial launch Spark has been downloaded and used in production settings by customers around the world.

Features of Spark include:

  • A complete FHIR Search implementation, with chained searches, include and rev-include, options
  • All search parameters
  • Configuration of custom search parameters
  • Batch
  • Transaction
  • History
  • XML and JSON
  • Validation (see below)
  • Snapshot expansion
  • FhirPath

Spark has a robust and comprehensive validation engine. Spark supports advanced requirements like snapshot expansion and validation on profiles and derived profiles, CodingSystems, slicing and re-slicing.

We are currently building a STU3 compliant commercial version of Spark to operate in high-volume, high-performance environments. The expected launch date is Q2 2017.

Spark is ready to be integrated with OAuth, OpenID authentication and authorization solutions.