Though simplicity and pragmatism are key characteristics of the FHIR standard, grasping the full breadth of the specification still requires time and effort. Knowing where to start and which parts of FHIR are of the most interest to you can help you get up to speed quicker.

From the source

Firely has been involved in FHIR since its inception and we use this experience to provide training courses. These training courses offer attendees an opportunity to get to know FHIR as well as hands on experience building software that uses FHIR to exchange and process health data.

Overview course

If you’re new to FHIR, or have browsed through the specification and want to fill in the gaps, the best choice for training would be the HL7 FHIR Overview course. This course will provide you with a 2-day overview of all the main parts of the specification. You will be able to try out what you’ve learned during the hands-on exercises. These exercises are divided in two tracks: one geared toward developers and the other for non-developers.

Advanced course

If you’ve already worked with FHIR and/or have a good understanding of the specification, but want to dive deeper into the more advanced parts of FHIR, we offer the HL7 FHIR Advanced course. The aim of this course is to cover all sorts of implementation aspects which are not covered by the standard itself, as well as some of the trickier parts of the standard, and is geared toward developers.

Profiling training course

For modelers and others who need to develop FHIR profiles, the 1-day HL7 FHIR Profiling training course will provide you with the intricate details of defining your own extensions of and constraints on the FHIR specification. Related topics such as validation and creating implementation guides will also be touched upon. During this course we will make use of the Forge tool for the exercises.

We also offer tailor-made training, which provides ample opportunities for discussion about how FHIR can fit into your organisation and its products or services. Request for more information.

Our courses: