FHIR Orientation Training Course

Customize a FHIR Training Course for your company. Get a practical overview of the FHIR Standard and learn on your own terms.

Who should attend?

  • Those who wish to gain a high-level understanding of the HL7 FHIR interoperability standard.
  • This includes managers, architects, data analysts, executives as well as patients. The exact content of this session will be adjusted to fit with the intended audience.  

Number of days

  • Flexible depending on your needs.
  • From a 25-minute TEDx-like talk to a full 2-hour tutorial.

What is it about?

This training offers a high-level overview of the FHIR standard: why does it exist? What is it aiming to do? How does it differ from other comparable standards? 

When will it happen?

The dates for FHIR orientation training courses are flexible and can be agreed upon depending on the availability of the attendees.

What skills will I gain?

Upon completion of this training course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the aims and core characteristics of the FHIR standard  
  • Identify how and where FHIR can be leveraged within your own context 

Are there prerequisites?

The attendees are assumed not to have any prior knowledge of the FHIR standard. General knowledge of healthcare IT will be helpful, but it is not a prerequisite.  


The agenda of this session will be adjusted to fit with the intended audience in accordance with the requested duration. The agenda will mostly be comprised of one or more of the below training modules.

Modules for the FHIR Orientation Training Course

  • FHIR Pitch (25 minutes, TEDx-like talk) 
    • Business reasons for FHIR 
    • Main characteristics 
  • HL7 FHIR Core Elements (30- or 60-minute version) 
    • Resources, references, data types
    • FHIR Documentation
    • Relationship with comparable standards 
  • Patient demographics: medium or high abstraction level exercise (30 minutes), either: 
    • Paper-based exercise – high abstraction level 
    • Web browser-based exercise – medium abstraction level
  • Q&A (10-30 minutes)

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