Implementing your FHIR Server

This hands-on workshop covers several aspects of implementing and deploying Firely Server.

Who should attend?

  • Those involved with the implementation or deployment of Firely Server

Number of days

  • 3 sessions of approximately 5 hours for online training courses
  • 1-2 days, 8-hours a day for face-to-face training courses

What is it about?

This workshop covers a range of topics that are related to the implementation of Firely Server. The content of this workshop is largely determined by its attendees:

  • The workshop will cover implementation issues encountered by the attendees (for more examples, see below). The issues are identified both by hosting a conference call with all attendees prior to the actual workshop, as well as during the workshop itself.
  • The trainers are experienced Firely Server implementers. They will bring some optional material (with hands-on exercises) with them to cover known implementation aspects. This material will be used when they fit with issues raised by the attendees.
    • The issues should preferably be identified well ahead of the actual training course to allow for preparation by the trainer(s); ad hoc questions may require additional research by the trainer(s).

The hands-on nature allows the attendee to get an in depth understanding of the material covered.

When will it happen?

The dates for the in-company training courses are flexible and can be agreed upon depending on the availability of your team.

What skills will I gain?

Upon completion of this training course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the architecture of Firely Server and its configuration options
  • Understand some of the trickier/advanced parts of Firely Server
  • Get hands-on experience with various advanced aspects of Firely Server
  • Advance their own project by having a deeper understanding of their own implementation issues
  • Apply best practices related to their own implementation issues


The agenda of the training course largely depends on the issues encountered by the attendees during their Firely Server implementation project. Over 50% of the duration will be spent on hands-on configuration and development aimed to support scenarios as relevant to the attendees, and about 30% will be spent on discussion. A list of topics raised during earlier workshops is shown below. Your workshop could be a relevant subset of the topics shown, it could also contain additional topics suitable for your context.

Overview of the Firely Server Workshop

  • The architecture of Firely Server
  • Installing (various options) and configuration
  • Creating a Facade with Firely Server:
    • Overview of Firely Server library for facade
    • Implementing read and simple search on 1 resource type
    • Mapping from backend system to FHIR
    • Configuring the FHIR server to use the Facade
    • Implementing additional search options
    • Implementing additional resource types
    • Implementing support for create/update/delete
  • Creating a custom plug-in (e.g. for a new FHIR operation, access control, … )
    • Overview of Firely Server libraries needed
    • Implementing a plugin to handle custom actions or services
    • Configuring the FHIR server to use the plugin
  • Miscellaneous advanced topics
    • Security
      • Support for OAuth2
    • Access Control
    • Azure deployment
      • Azure Active Directory
    • Implementing a predefined set of profiles
      • Enabling SMART on FHIR support
    • Multi-version support

Course Materials

We will provide each participant with handouts containing all materials covered in the training as well as other support materials.

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