Pricing of Vonk is currently arranged under the Launching Customer Program (LCP). LCP allows customers to use Vonk in a production environment and be part of the development process of future versions.

What does the LCP have to offer?

  • An eternal end-user license to Vonk Server, Vonk Components or Vonk Facade
  • Support during the first year included in the license fee
  • Support and upgrades after the first year (optional)
  • Consultation regarding priorities of the roadmap
  • Participation in regular teleconferences with other launching customers

Part of the LCP is sharing usage metrics of Vonk with Firely. The Launching Customer Program will be replaced by a license and pricing model based on usage. LCP customers can choose to remain in the LCP after it has been closed.

License fees

Vonk, 1 instance in production (this applies to Vonk Server, Vonk Components and Vonk Facade) € 10,000
Extra instances, per server € 2,000
Support (first year is free of charge) 20% of the license fee per year
OEM or reseller of Vonk as part of your app Contact us


Response time high priority issues < 8 office hours
Response time medium priority issues < 16 office hours
Response time low priority issues < 24 office hours
Authorized contact persons 1
Submit and track issues online (Jira Service Desk) included
Hot fixes for high priority defects included
  • Office hours are 8:30 a.m. until 17:00 p.m. GMT+1 during weekdays.
  • The priority of a defect is defined by urgency and impact. Urgency is the effect of a defect on the continuity of work. Impact is defined by the number of users affected by the defect.
    Priorities of defects are:
Work continues Work halts
More users medium high
One user low medium
  • Response time is the time between submitting an issue by the authorized user and the start of investigation of the issue by Firely.
  • Every issue is registered as a ticket in Jira Service Desk, either by the authorized user or by Firely. An issue / ticket can be a question, a defect, a support request not related to Vonk, or a change request. Investigation of an issue by Firely consists of clarifying the issue if necessary, and qualifying and prioritizing the issue.