Ardon Toonstra

A Definitive Guide to Managing FHIR Projects and Resources

Manage FHIR Projects and Resources

Welcome to this three-part blog series about managing FHIR projects and resources on Discover hidden gems and features you may not know about! Let’s explore how they are used by different healthcare organizations and FHIR consultants around the world.

How to Validate FHIR Resources Like a Boss

validate FHIR resources

Welcome to the second part of our series on’s hidden gems and features! Together we will dive into the world of FHIR validation. Let’s get started with an overview of what validation is.

FHIR R4 at Firely

The FHIR R4 roadmap for the API, Simplifier, Forge and Vonk TL;DR Product Release Expected (2019) Release content .NET API Alpha January R4 resources, FHIR client Beta February   Final April Snapshot generation, validation and bug fixes Simplifier Alpha February R4… Continue reading →