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DevDays US 2019 – Snapshot of the Current FHIR Scene

Rien Wertheim

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More than ever, DevDays US 2019 will be a tech event focusing on education in FHIR. Come on Monday, leave on Wednesday, apply what you have learned on Thursday in your day job. That’s our goal for DevDays.

Of the 93 tutorials, 23 are Let’s build! labs: classroom style setting, open your laptop and follow the steps, guided by the speaker. On top of that, the schedule has time slots for Meet & Code. No way you are NOT going to get your hands dirty at DevDays. We’ve been playing around with the idea to implement the registration form for DevDays as an API, no UI, to make sure we get the right audience. But that would be overdoing it, wouldn’t it?

The schedule of FHIR DevDays US 2019 reads like a snapshot of the current FHIR space, the speakers gallery like a who’s who. We tried hard to squeeze everything that’s relevant in 3 days and 8 large rooms. The downside, we have to admit, is that DevDays is becoming like the Zulip chat on just too much to keep track of everything that’s going on. (That’s why everything is recorded and popular sessions are repeated.)

  • Of course, the core curriculum is on the agenda: the Introduction to FHIR, the main libraries, the main servers, FHIR profiling and Implementation Guides, SMART on FHIR, CDS Hooks.
  • The major big tech companies will present their FHIR APIs and do labs: Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft.
  • The US implementation communities of payers, providers and consumers present their IGs and APIs: Argonaut (Provider-Provider/Provider-Consumer), Da Vinci (Payer-Provider-Consumer), CARIN (Payer-Consumer).
  • The new proposed rule on information blocking is covered by ONC and MITRE: not the policy speak of course, but how does the law translate to FHIR?
  • And then there is whole list of Special Topics: terminology, imaging, genomics, public health, devices, clinical research, security, quality measures and clinical decision support.

The venue has twice the size compared to last year, so there’s much better chances of getting in before show is sold-out. Thank you Microsoft for hosting the event in Redmond. And thank you all 60+ speakers for making DevDays DevDays.

Like last year, we will have a Student Track competition, with free tutorials, an online hackathon and free tickets for the 3 winning teams. We also added a Startup Track competition, with staggering discounts for selected startups who want to attend. Check the website for both the Student and the Startup Track.

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