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Firely Server – certified for the patient and population services criterion §170.315(g)(10)   

Rien Wertheim

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On Wednesday 8 February Firely was officially certified for patient and population services criterion §170.315(g)(10) Cures Update by Drummond Group – the leading ONC Authorized Certification Body and Testing Laboratory.    

So Firely Server is now certified to meet all the requirements for patent data access, and can be implemented in an EHR without the need to re-certify. 

A weight off your shoulders  

The ONC 21st Century Cures Act gives patients and their physicians the right to access electronic health information (EHI). The Final Rule § 170.315(g)(10) for enhanced interoperability – (g)(10) for short – requires barrier-free information sharing: EHRs must now use FHIR APIs to provide access without “special effort” and free from “information blocking”, and obtain certification from an ONC-authorized testing lab.

APIs underpinned by FHIR standards are creating a healthcare data ecosystem with huge benefits for patients, clinicians, and other users – but keeping pace with the regulations can mean a lot of hoops to jump through. Using our certified Firely Server provides automatic compliance, so you no longer need to develop your own standardized FHIR API, certify your existing EHR, or put time and effort into deployment and maintenance. Just ‘plug and go’.   

Buy or Build: two routes to (g)(10) 

There are two ways you can use Firely Server to meet the (g)(10) certification criteria.   

Our certified software and our new Firely Auth identity provider is the best option if you want a compliant interoperability solution without the cost and time involved in going it alone.   

Or you can use Firely Server to create and certify your own solution, using your identity provider of choice in combination with the SMART on FHIR plugin (included in Firely Server). This method requires specific expertise in software development and health information standards and can take months of development and testing. If you have a small team, it may stretch your resources. 

See for yourself!  

A fully-featured, (g)(10) compliant Trial Edition of Firely Server can be downloaded here. Use it for one week for free, with access to full functionality.  

And don’t forget – as one of the initiators of FHIR – besides a certified solution we can assist you throughout your certification process with consultancy services and FHIR training. 

If you’d like to see the details of our certification, click here or feel free to get in touch.

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