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Simple IG Creation with

Ward Weistra

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Starting today, Simplifier’s free plan now includes an Implementation Guide (IG) – so let’s dive into how it works!

You’re starting out on your new FHIR project, you’ve got your business requirements ready, and you’ve fired up Forge to craft your first profile. Things are great.

A few forged profiles later, you’re ready to start publishing them to get feedback. Naturally, on the Firely blog, the simplest place to publish to is, and so you do that.

With the profiles uploaded, you’d like to give them some context. Add some ‘About’ info, add your business requirements, and generally organize it into one coherent publication. While you have several options in the FHIR world for doing this, did you know that one of them is Simplifier itself?

As the Simplifier name implies, we aim to make things easy – and, not bragging, creating Implementation Guides (IGs) is quite straightforward, so let’s create one.

How to create an IG in Simplifier

Go to the Guides tab of your project and select Create:

Name it:

And edit it:

You’ll be greeted with this interface. You can access the help menu, see the IG layout, edit your current page and see a preview of your IG all in one screen. Annotated, it looks like this:

Write your IG in the middle and refresh the preview panel with Ctrl+Enter. You can use the Markup as well as HTML here to format text, create headings, and tables:

Quite importantly, you can add images/diagrams and profiles to your page with the {{render}} command:

To share your IG with others, hit the Preview button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can copy/paste the URL for sharing from:

The IG is hosted on Simplifier for you, so there is no hassle in finding hosting for it – and if you’d like to host it elsewhere, you can! Paid plans include an export feature.

As you might have noticed – the speed of the editor is near-instant! You don’t have to wait much at all before it’s ready to be previewed or shared with others. In addition to this, intelligent auto-completion helps type as you’re working.

Simplifier’s IG editor is quite simple to get started with, and starting today, the free plan now includes the IG functionality. Head over to your portal to get started!

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