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Startups in Health: Here’s Your Chance to Learn FHIR

Rien Wertheim

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You have built the greatest healthcare app and a company around it. The app runs on Android and iOS and has that amazing UI that’s rare in healthcare. You also have a stable fanbase of users, telling you they love your app, but getting data out of the health system is a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was easier?

Can it be though? This is the thing that you have been postponing all along. Early on in your business development, you dipped your toe in the water but recoiled in horror at the jargon, the security policies, the impregnable EHR fortress, the prehistoric information standards, or lack thereof. Even getting an appointment with the hospital IT staff turned out a nightmare.

The road to interoperability And now again, the road to interoperability stretches out before you, filled with challenges, bumps, potholes, warning signs & detours.

We can help you along on it! The fifth edition of FHIR DevDays now features the Startup Track. You will get the chance to learn FHIR, do some FHIR coding in your app guided by the experts, meet up with the industry and future customers, and win a 2500 euro prize.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. You are the people for whom FHIR was built in the first place.

FHIR DevDays 2018 Startup Track

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