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The Most Exciting Updates to Simplifier, Forge, and Firely Terminal in 2020

Ward Weistra

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The FHIR train never stops and neither do we. That’s why we’ve significantly improved your FHIR editing and publishing flow. Here is an overview of everything that’s new in our Simplifier FHIR tool suite:

Updated to the latest FHIR version, Forge and Firely Terminal (formerly Torinox) now all support the latest FHIR versions: FHIR 3.0.2 and 4.0.1. See the full overview of supported FHIR versions here.

Better integration between Forge and Simplifier

Both Forge and Firely Terminal now allow you to log in with your Simplifier account. This enables you to easily synchronize your content from your local computer with your Simplifier FHIR project.

Packages everywhere

FHIR Packages are the answer to all your FHIR versioning problems. Build on stable versions of the projects you depend on and, in turn, give your customers a stable version of your resources to build on. With packages, you version a set of coherent resources together, instead of needing to version them all individually. Our tooling is bringing support for packages everywhere! FHIR packages

All the FHIR projects in the world, always up to date

We have worked with HL7 International to make sure you have access to all the most recent FHIR projects in the world via packages!

Even packages created outside of Simplifier are now always available to you, like the core FHIR resources and US Core. Together with all the packages created directly from Simplifier, like the German, Norwegian, Dutch or the recent UK Core profiles, they are available for use anywhere in our tools and on our package server.

Specify Dependencies for better project management

On Simplifier, specify the dependencies of your project on the project’s Dependencies page, like here in our ACME demo project. Select the packages containing the resources you are referring to and links from your profiles will point to exactly those versions of your parent resources.

In Forge, open a project folder and go to the Dependencies tab. Search on Simplifier for any package you need and ‘install’ it to your project. No more need for manually hunting all resources you depend on, all dependencies (and their dependencies) are downloaded automatically.

Finally, with the command-line FHIR tool Firely Terminal you can create, install and validate against packages. It uses the same local package cache as Forge, so you never have to download a package version twice.

Note: If you are still depending on one of the previous simplifier.core.stu3 or simplifier.core.r4 packages, please change those to hl7.fhir.r3.core and hl7.fhir.r4.core respectively.

Create your own packages

Ready to make a versioned snapshot of your project? Go in your Simplifier project to the Package page and create a new one. It will directly be available to anyone within the Simplifier and the full FHIR ecosystem.

Other updates

You can now generate example FHIR instances based on your STU3 FHIR profiles:

And we’ve made file management easier with bulk deletion:

Furthermore, we now hide validation errors that come from known issues in the official FHIR specification. We have also squashed the annoying 5003 Error “Cannot walk into unknown StructureDefinition” that impacted many of you. Sorry!

What’s next?

We have some great new functionalities planned, including being able to refer to resources in packages from your Implementation Guides and bulk project validation. Most of all, we’d like to hear from you. So please reach out to me with your suggestions!

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