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The New FHIR Package Registry

Ward Weistra

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As the number of stable FHIR specifications grows, it has become more and more important to find FHIR resources of interest within this volume of data. To make this possible we have developed, with our US partner company Vermonster, the new FHIR Registry for HL7 International.

Search engine and package registry for FHIR, powered by

Those who are building a new specification need to know they can save time and avoid reinventing the wheel, by using readily available prior art. Those who are implementing a FHIR specification need to quickly and with certainty find the set of resources they need to conform to. With the powerful, Elastic-based search in the Registry, all can simply type a term of their interest and easily find stable, coherent FHIR specifications which address the topic.

The FHIR Registry is built on the infrastructure of Firely’s FHIR collaboration platform and is serving all published FHIR Packages in the world. Already back in 2017 our CTO Ewout Kramer realized that we needed FHIR Packages to publish stable, versioned sets of FHIR resources. In 2018 we built the first version of the FHIR Package server in As we were on the forefront of this revolution, is now the perfect place to create, document and publish your FHIR packages.

FHIR Packages published all over the world are collected by the package server

There’s more information available on what FHIR packages are and how to publish to the FHIR Package Registry, which you can find on the Registry itself.

Computers can browse the FHIR Package registry via the API endpoint. For everyone else there’s an overview of how to use the FHIR Registry in the section below.


Anyone can easily find the latest stable publication of any FHIR regulation they need to comply with, like the UK Core FHIR profiles for the United Kingdom, the MedMij standard for the Netherlands or Carin Blue Button for the United States.

Searching the FHIR Registry for the UK Core FHIR specification

Similarly, you can browse published data and API definitions on a topic of your interest like Genomics, Dental Care, Pharmacy or COVID-19.

From there, we can drill down further by limiting our search results to a specific FHIR version or only resource hits of a specific FHIR resource. Building on our last example, we can quickly find all ValueSets on COVID-19, that have been released for FHIR R4.

Filtering search results with powerful filters on packages or their contents

On the other hand, we can also broaden our search. By default, the registry only searches in the latest stable releases of packages. That means: no pre-release packages (e.g. version 1.2.3-beta) and from those versions only the latest one. If you’re interested in older versions as well, feel free to uncheck that filter. For example, when you want to find a resource from the US Core STU3 release (their latest version is on FHIR R4).

Leave ‘Latest releases only’ unchecked in order to search older and unstable packages

Package overview

When you find a FHIR package of interest in the results, click through to get a full overview. It will list all the available package meta data, such as the full description, release notes and license. It will also point out other versions of this package and the implementation guide describing it.

The overview of the Nictiz FHIR specification package

Every package will show a link to view more details on This will provide additional options, like downloading the package or finding the corresponding Simplifier development project.

If you want to use this package on your computer (for instance, in the Forge FHIR profile editor or the IG Publisher), the commands to install it with NPM or our Command Line Tool for FHIR Firely Terminal are directly available. More on that here.

Beyond the Summary tab, the Dependencies tab will give you links to the FHIR standards the current package builds on.

Contents: FHIR Resources

The Contents tab is showing all resources contained within the FHIR package with their canonicals. Wondering what a resource looks like? Just click it and we’ll show you the rendering, XML and JSON on

Since this can be a lengthy list, there is a filter available to limit it to the resources you want. For example, to find the COVID resources in the FHIR terminology support package.

Find the COVID-19 terminology resources. Click any of them to see the included codes.

Get started now

We hope the new FHIR Registry can be a great homepage for implementers and modelers coming into FHIR to find their starting points. The FHIR Registry is available at

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